• Die Tropen:
  • Moritz Zemsch
  • Ivan Syrov
  • Fabian Widukind Penzkofer
  • In cooperation with Ružica Anja Tadić, Nemanja Milenković, Dejan Krstić, Izabela Mašić and Adrienn Ujhazi

The Tropen collective consisting of the artists Ivan Syrov, Fabian Widukind Penzkofer and Moritz Zemsch started working together since the beginning of 2019. Their individual practices reach from curatorial work to performative interventions and happenings, as well as exploring sound and language.

Tropen’s main practice focuses on interdisciplinary and project-oriented work thus using the qualities of diversity and its confrontational aspects. This approach implies a hybrid between research, artistic engagement and curatorial challenges resulting in intuitive and spontaneous solutions. During their residential stay in Novi Sad they try to implement a sustainable international network of various artistic fields by organizing interventions in public spaces. The network itself manifests in an artistic work, which can be viewed in front of the MSUV.